Can I ask advice!? My friend I knew to be straight kissed my neck and then pulled away. What should I think of it?

well what kind of kiss? and what was your reaction? it sounds to me like he was probably really tempted to experiment with you and tried to initiate something but changed his mind. 

"like damn there’s more to me than that." haha bitch, no there isn't, that's why you spend your life away on tumblr

oh right i like blogging yet you’re the one sending anon hate you piece of trash

Favorite alcoholic beverage?

Corona or vodka soda 😍 oh or gin and tonic

If you had to hear someone else's thoughts for one day instead of your own, who would you choose?

Mariah Carey’s. Definitely. 

doesn’t anyone have a question that isn’t sexual? like damn there’s more to me than that. 

Why are we embarrassed by silence? What comfort do we find in all the noise?

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